Custom Occasions started out as a dream in Patty's heart several years ago while she worked full-time managing a local Gift Shop. Like anyone, she liked the idea of working for herself. What she really liked, though, was the thought of doing what she loved to do for a living - being creative and crafty.

Patty always liked arts and crafts while growing-up in Boise, and through the years she made many different things. Some things she would keep for her own decorations; others she would make as gifts for friends and family. Patty couldn't stand anything not being done just right, so a lot of special care went into her work. As a result, friends would often comment how nice the things Patty made were, and it wasn't long before people started asking Patty to make some of her crafty creations - gift baskets and the like - for them to give as gifts to their friends.

Finally, in 1994, Patty's dream began to awaken and Custom Occasions was born. It was slow at first, and Patty still worked part-time to make ends meet. But every order that came in was special. Patty would fuss over the smallest details of her baskets, decorations, balloon bouquets or flower arrangements, to make sure they were perfect. That work-ethic began to pay off slowly. By late 1996 business was good enough for Patty to quit her part-time job, and to devote her full-time attention to Custom Occasions.

Today, Patty is still hard at it. She isn't getting rich doing what she is doing, but she is loving doing it, and she still wouldn't want to do anything else.